How we work

Using our superpowers
to create team synergy

We work in the cloud, connected across offices and time zones. From lively video calls and virtual hangouts to Slack banter and music leagues, we keep the energy flowing, even when we can’t be face-to-face.

We’re a tight-knit crew that believes in collaboration, learning from one another,

and solving problems with a sense of humor.

How we work

We're reliable, accountable, and have each other's backs.

We value respect, and even when we disagree, we know how to keep our cool.

We trust our employees to use good judgment, and if something seems off, 
we want them to speak up. We're all about open communication and fostering 
an environment where everyone feels safe, included, and empowered.

If you want to be on a team of passionate, talented individuals,

collaborate on unique projects that need thought and attention, and be given the time and space to nurture your craft, we’re right here.

What our employees have to say

Article Group gives me the freedom to balance my life and work in a way that suits my lifestyle. Our remote setup has gathered a diverse group of people from all over. We are forced to learn how to adapt and accommodate, which has made me a more versatile, adaptable, and independent creative. One of the coolest opportunities I have had here was being able to create an entire in-person launch event in Lagos, Nigeria from my home office in Boston!

— Sue Lopes, Associate Creative Director

I've been fortunate to flow between diverse disciplines like strategy, copywriting, engagement, and operations, while also traversing various business units. I've played a key role in developing an innovative service and shaping the future identity of AG.

— Dave Yesko, Operations Director

I've interviewed subject matter experts from all over the world to write bleeding-edge content about cybersecurity, data culture, finance, and sustainability.

— Jake Dinsmore, Senior Copywriter