Leading the home buying conversation.

The challenge: Guide people through the complicated home buying process.

Proven advice from real people.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) originally created the HouseLogic website as a lifestyle play, to help homeowners enjoy and improve their homes. But they soon realized a bigger mission for the site: to guide a new generation along the sometimes mystifying—and often anxiety-producing—path to buying or selling a home.

It’s not about couching real estate terms in millennial-ready memes, or delivering endless data points. Together we found that new buyers and sellers simply want proven advice from real people, in relatable language, to reduce their stress and boost their confidence on the journey.

What if we created a guide for buyers and sellers that delivered on this promise, with timely strategies and clever infographics? Real people might read it, use it, and share it. (It might strengthen NAR’s core realtor brand, too.)




Millennials trust people more than websites.



It’s true.

In a shocking upset, humans outrank HTML. (When it comes to understanding the homebuying process, at least.)

We found that millennial home buyers and sellers crave information that does five things really well:

It personalizes the journey.

It tells them what to expect with each new step.

It reminds them what they need to do, now.

It’s transparent about the process, timelines and strategies.

It layers different perspectives to give a balanced view.

This insight helped us define the structure and the voice of a new content series.



Give buyers and sellers an Everything Guide.




Our Solution.

Whether they’re searching for their first home or prepping their house to sell, our audience wants to know what to expect at every step. We heard it at every focus group: “Give me real answers any time, day or night.”

We answered the need with a clearly written, smartly illustrated series of chapters covering each step of the journey for buyers and sellers. The voice is refreshingly relatable and jargon-free—yet entirely practical at every step. It’s like having a real estate whisperer on your shoulder, even at those anxious midnight-after-making-an-offer moments. The guides include plenty of aggregated data, but it’s not the focus—it’s simply used to complement each strategy.

Chapters in the buyer’s journey include “How to Be a Savvy Open House Guest” and “Make an Offer Like a Boss”. Sellers get the lowdown on setting a price, hosting an open house, navigating the home inspection and every other key milestone.

The result? A real, resonant voice in real estate.

It’s turns out that when you give people the right information at the right time—and in the right format—they will read it, return to it, and share it.

The Everything Guides on HouseLogic.com delivered a 35% increase in average time per visit, and a 3.5% improvement in bounce rate. The Buy-a-Home Step by Step infographic alone had an almost 15% share rate.

And NAR tripled their email signup with the program. Which led to this gracious email from Anne Feder, Managing Director, National Association of Realtors: 
“Our hats are off to you. Thank you for a job brilliantly done.”