We’re notoriously bad at bragging about ourselves, but this is something worth shouting: Article Group is officially certified as a Great Place to Work! And that it is.

From Mel Moody, our Head of People:

It didn’t take me long after joining AG to realize that there was something really special about our work culture. It’s this impressive mix of empathy, curiosity, progressiveness, and bad-assery. And now, I get to say that we’re recognized as a Great Place to Work!  This achievement isn’t just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to the values we live by every day at AG.

To become certified, our employees had to take a survey. I’m particularly proud of scoring highly in the following:
* Intimacy: Fostering a culture where every team member feels valued and connected.
* Camaraderie: Building strong bonds within our teams that go beyond work.
* Justice: Ensuring fairness and equity in all our practices.

While this is all well and good (and it is, trust me, well and good), it’s equally important to recognize where we’re falling short and make a plan to address it. 
Here are the 3 areas we scored lowest in:
* Collaboration: Enhancing teamwork across all levels and departments.
* Communication: Strengthening transparency and openness in our interactions.
* Support: Providing more robust support systems for our diverse and talented team.

As an HR leader, I’m not surprised by any of these. And for a company of our size, speed of growth, and maturity level, it’s a natural place to be. It’s also an added bonus that we were already working on the initiatives necessary to turn these areas of improvement into areas of celebration.

I’ll be checking back throughout the year to keep you updated (and keep us accountable) on our initiatives. Until then, a huge shoutout to the team for being this great workplace’s beating heart.