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Positioning Amazon as an empathetic leader in A.I.

We told the human story behind the code



Amazon has long been a pioneer in artificial intelligence. But as the market became crowded with companies competing for customers and talent, Amazon needed to demonstrate global leadership and differentiate its products.

After struggling to target the right audience and strategy, the company turned to Article Group to design and produce content that could speak to a broad audience that included not only business decision makers, but also researchers, developers, and executive talent. 

We partnered with Amazon to identify the most powerful, human story they could tell about their technology, and in the process created an emotionally resonant video that positioned Amazon as a thoughtful and responsible leader in A.I.


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Building trust in A.I. as a force for good


Over the years, Amazon has infused A.I. into all of its products, from its retail operation, to AWS, to applications like Lex. But as the marketplace has grown more crowded, Amazon felt the need to communicate the power and utility of its solutions. Unfortunately, no single business unit inside the company owned the A.I. story. Moreover, in the face of competition from established technology companies, Amazon felt pressure to speak not just to developers but a broad audience that includes engineers, executives, and research talent. 

As a technology company, Amazon’s intuition is to tout its products by focusing on features. While that kind of feature-focused message may be effective in communicating to technologists, it can fail to inspire a broader swath of decision makers and talent. We realized that the one thing that could unite all possible audiences was to go beyond product features to reveal how Amazon’s technology was benefiting the least-advantaged people among us. In other words, Amazon needed to tell an empathetic, human story.

To tell this story, we wrote, produced, and directed a customer video featuring an AWS customer that uses A.I. to combat child trafficking online. By demonstrating how A.I. literally helps save children, the video builds trust in A.I. as a potential force for good. By extension, the video positions Amazon as a thoughtful and responsible partner that’s working on the cutting edge. 

Amazon used the video to close the “future of AI” keynote during their annual flagship conference, AWS Re:Invent. It has since been used across the company’s sales and marketing channels.