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Architecting the executive vision for Amazon’s biggest annual conference.


For the C-Suite, the cloud looks great from a distance—

—but up close it can seem pretty vaporous.

The business world is awash in high-minded promises about digital transformation. Based on the gushy media narrative, it would be easy to assume that every executive on the planet is clamoring to move to the cloud and drop legacy technology like a very, very large hot rock.

But for the Enterprise C-Suite, the reality is much more complex. Risk-averse, prudent executives are justifiably skeptical about walking away from major financial and organizational investments (we’re looking at you many-million-dollar data center). They need viable reasons to believe that the cloud is the right long-term investment, that the benefits are real and that the change management implications are…manageable.


Gut responses are as important as rational thought processes

Powerful stories empathize with the audience

Article Group partnered with Amazon Web Services  to craft and deliver a C-level narrative that makes the cloud tangible, credible and highly attractive. To accomplish this, we considered the c-suite enterprise buyer journey as a long and winding road full of difficult decisions and genuine moments of uncertainty and vulnerability.



Our Solution? Sell to people, not executives.

Telling an interesting story.

Rather than defaulting to an unemotional business case, we helped Amazon Web Services develop a common language with its audience, driven by empathy and recognition that the cloud is change management, and that’s really hard. Then we shaped our ideas into narratives, creating keynotes, collateral and content that restage key moments (like trade events that attract thousand of attendees and intense media focus) into genuine connections between Amazon Web Services and its core audiences.

Our method was as old as time: tell an interesting story. Whether we were writing a keynote for 50,000 people, designing an experience for an intimate gathering of executives, or writing a blog post on how to motivate IT teams, we infused storytelling into everything we created. There was always a beginning, a middle, and an end, with a clear take-away. And pictures. We developed a highly distilled, simplified visual language for graphics and diagrams, opting for evocative imagery that anyone could understand.


Telling Expedia’s AWS story



The Results

A partnership helping Amazon Web Services dominate the market.

Article Group’s “beginner’s mind” approach has been a major help translating Amazon Web Services’ genius engineering and brilliant executive vision into clear, understandable, relatable stories. We’re proud to have played a part in Amazon Web Services’ breakaway success, supporting more than 350% in revenue growth since the beginning of our relationship.


Launching Amazon Translate