Associate Creative Director- Design

Western Hemisphere

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Job Description

The Associate Creative Director at Article Group leads project teams through conception and delivery of compelling b2b technology marketing campaigns and content artifacts. You will have accountability for creative problem-solving and project-team leadership, while still contributing to client-facing deliverables in a “hands-on” manner.

You will help our clients and our team determine creative solutions per audience and marketing intent, ensuring that ideas are right, not merely good. You will ensure work products are coherent and beautiful across messaging and design, whether within a suite of campaign deliverables or as singular object. In close collaboration with strategy and account / engagement management disciplines, you will gracefully represent Article Group to clients and own accountability for creative decisions. 

You are capable of direct partnership with strategy and engagement leads to identify client problems and plan project level processes to tackle them. You can lead the creative effort by example as both a doer and delegator of tasks while giving concise actionable feedback to team members of all levels. Ultimately you are responsible for crafting and advocating for the integrity of the core creative vision with team members and clients. 

Key responsibilities
  • Leads project teams and manages creative processes and deliverables from conception through final delivery  
  • Advocates for the creative team to senior clients within workshops, presentations and problem-solving activities   
  • Improves internal efficiency and effectiveness by designing or refining workflows and guiding colleagues through process change
  • Delegates or takes on design work directly as required
  • Supports junior team members via training, feedback and coaching for craft, communication, collaboration and process   
  • Partners regularly with strategy colleagues to understand client business and audience and ensure creative work fulfills strategic intent
  • Partners regularly with engagement / project management colleagues to shape scopes of work, build pragmatic schedules and prioritize resources and attention  
This role is not ideal for individuals seeking
  • “Hands off” authority
  • First-time experience within an agency or related service model
  • Focus exclusively on a single creative discipline

Article Group is committed to provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, religion, color, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local law.

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